Bespoke, for you

Our treatment plans are unique to every patient.


Putting you in control

Private dental care is about an enhanced service and choice. With longer appointment times you will have a greater understanding of your choices, and can book in for treatments without lengthy waiting lists.

Every mouth is different, and every treatment plan is tailor-made for each patient. At Marsh Lane Dental we use only the best treatments, products and innovations, which evolve and change over time.

We have put together a guide of current treatment prices, which are subject to fluctuate depending on the overall treatment plan, and what’s right for you.

Dental health assessments

Routine adult dental health assessment (existing patient)45.00
Routine under 16 years old (child) dental health assessment (existing patient)25.00
New patient dental health assessment (including two small x-rays)70.00
New under 16 years old (child) patient dental health assessment (including oral hygiene instruction)30.00
Adult Orthodontic Consulation90.00
Child Orthodontic Consulation75.00
Implant Consulation150.00
Root Canal Consulation95.00


Small x-ray10.00
Panoral x-ray50.00
CB-CT Scan per area120.00
Orthodontic study models and records150.00

Dental hygiene & prevention

Dental hygiene (30 minutes)60.00
Child hygiene35.00
Dental Hygiene (30 minutes) Direct access75.00
Scale and polish with Dentist85.00
Prophy jet stain removal35.00
Fluoride therapy25.00
Gum treatment per quadrant120.00
Periochip (single)40.00
Laser bacterial decontamination50.00
Fissure sealant25.00
Ozone therapy50.00
Toothache (pericoronitis) treatment80.00
Mouthguard (Sports)160.00


Composite Filling (small)125.00
Composite Filling (medium)145.00
Composite filling (large)165.00
Contouring & Bonding Composite build up Artistry245.00
Temporary filling (dressing)60.00
Root canal treatment (one canal)595.00
Root canal treatment  (premolar)695.00
Root canal treatment (molar)695.00
Re- Root canal treatment additional fee of125.00
Crown (porcelain fused to metal)550.00
All Porcelain Crown650.00
Full Gold Crown/ Onlay795.00
Temporary crown (lab made)320.00
Inlay / onlay650.00


Tooth whitening (home kit)350.00
Laser tooth whitening650.00
Composite bonding245.00
Invisalign full5000.00
Invisalign lite3000.00
Invisalign teen4000.00
Child Metal Braces per arch1400.00
Adult Metal Braces per arch1750.00
Ceramic (tooth coloured) Braces per arch2200.00
Fixed retainer per arch200.00
Removable retainer per arch150.00

Bridges and dentures

Conventional bridge (per unit)550.00
Partial acrylic dentures per arch700.00
Full denture (upper or lower)800.00
Full / full dentures1400.00
Chrome cobalt partial dentures (upper or lower)1250.00
Chrome cobalt full dentures (upper or lower)1350.00


Consultation & radiographs150.00
Implant & placement1200.00
Restorative abutment & crown1200.00


Simple Extraction150.00
Complex Extraction250.00


Emergency call out120.00
Emergency dental assessment80.00
Dry socket treatment75.00

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